E-CIG Charger

Compatible with JUUL* Device

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New Features

khonder charger


650 mAh ≈ 2 JUUL Charges

30 Min to Fully Charge JUUL

1.5 Hours to Charge Khonder

Micro USB or Lightning Cable

Light & Wearable

Slide Out to Smoke

Slide In to Charge

More You Need To Know

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We are not affiliated with the Juul brand, but Khonder is designed to be compatible with the Juul device without any issues.

With the Khonder, you don’t actually hit the Juul while it is charging. The sliding feature allows you to easily detach the Juul from the charger, allowing you to take hits in between charging.

The Khonder is special for several reasons. The sliding design that allows you to keep track of your Juul and smoke while you charge, as well as the convenient size, make this charger the most reliable and wearable design on the market.

Khonder will automatically shut off after the Juul is fully charged, acting as a carrying case.

Last year at Rolling Loud I probably bought 4 or 5 different Juuls because I kept losing them! This year I styled my Khonder with my fits and kept the same Juul the entire time. So genius.

I just love how clean it is to slide out, take a hit, and slide back in. Sleek design.

It’s so fast!!! Must-have accessory. I keep one in my car and one in my purse.

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